Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

07 Mayıs 2024, 14:09
Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

Documents Required for Application
 Application Form (VAT-3),
 2 machine-readable biometric photographs determined by ICAO, 50x60 mm in size, on a white background, without a pattern,
 Passport or similar document showing which state the person is a citizen of, or if it is stateless, a relevant document if it is possible to obtain it.
 A document such as a birth certificate or civil registry sample showing the person's identity information, and if married, a civil registry copy or similar document proving the family ties of the spouse and children.
 Marital status certificate and marriage certificate if married, document proving divorce if divorced, death certificate of spouse if widowed.
 A health report, the procedures and principles of which are determined by the Ministry of Health, stating that the person does not have a disease that poses a danger to general health.
 Work permit, tax certificate, letter of undertaking or similar document proving his/her income or profession to support himself and his dependents in Turkey.
 A document showing the dates of entry and exit to the country, obtained from the provincial police department, proving that you have resided in Turkey for five years uninterruptedly, starting from the date of application.
 Residence permit for a period sufficient to complete the citizenship procedures beyond the application date.
 If there is a final court decision for any crime, a certified copy of it.
 If the month and day of the person's birth date is not available, a document obtained from the competent authorities of his/her country to complete the date of birth, and if the document cannot be obtained, a signed declaration that he/she accepts the action in accordance with Article 39 of the Population Services Law No. 5490.
 Receipt showing that the service fee has been deposited to the Finance cashier.
Application Authority and Procedure
 Applications are made to the governorship where the settlement is located in person or with a special power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right. Applications made by mail are not accepted.
 Citizenship applications of minors or those who lack the power of discernment are made by their parents or guardians.
 Foreigner identification number is taken as basis in applications and transactions.
 The application date is taken as the date on which the person's form petition is recorded as a document by the application authority.
 Foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship can stay outside Turkey for a period not exceeding six months in total during the required residence period.
 A total period not exceeding six months spent outside Türkiye is considered within the envisaged residence period.
 If the foreigner spends more than six months in total outside Turkey during the residence period or stays in Turkey for more than six months without a valid residence permit or without obtaining a residence permit, the residence period will be interrupted and the residence periods before this date will not be taken into account.
 Without a legal residence permit or without a legal residence permit but not showing the intention to settle in Turkey; Residing in Turkey with a residence permit obtained for purposes such as asylum or asylum applicant, asylum seeker, education, tourism, accompaniment of one's child, treatment, etc., or a foreign mission personnel ID card that provides immunity with diplomatic or consular privilege is not considered as valid residence in acquiring Turkish citizenship.
 If the reason for residence is not accepted in the acquisition of Turkish citizenship and if the person in Turkey is later granted residence for a valid reason, previous periods of residence are also taken into account. This provision does not apply to those who are in Turkey with a residence permit for touristic purposes.
 Certification of official documents issued by foreign authorities is carried out in accordance with Article 59 of the Population Services Implementation Regulation.
 It is sufficient for foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship to submit documents such as diplomas and passports obtained from foreign authorities during the application, translated into Turkish and notarized.
 When deemed necessary, provincial directorates can also verify the authenticity of residence permits.

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