Field(Tarla), Land(Arazi) and PLot(Arsa) Difference

Field(Tarla), Land(Arazi) and PLot(Arsa) Difference

09 Ocak 2022, 16:07
Field(Tarla), Land(Arazi) and PLot(Arsa) Difference

Field, Land and Plot  Difference


Many individuals wonder about the difference between field, land and plot. At first glance, the three terms may seem the same, but this is not the case at all. Because many people think that these 3 terms are a piece of land, but they understand that the situation is very different when they are going to trade fields, land and plots.

Individuals who do research on the land, land and field difference should be aware that there may be serious differences, especially in the title deed. In this context, it is recommended to take a look at the following headings to get more detailed information and to understand the distinctions between the terms field - land - plot.

What is Field?

A field is the name given to the whole of the land that has a limited area and is parceled in this direction. Fields are lands suitable for agricultural movements. Field areas can cover quite large acres as well as in small and fragmented areas. Areas that have been designated as fields by the state are suitable for agricultural movements and gains through agriculture.

If there is a field written in the deed, this area that belongs to you is suitable for agriculture. In other words, planting operations can be carried out in this area. Building a house on fields is not the same as building a house on lands. Because, maximum 5% of the field can be used for house, and in order to build a house on the field, an area of ​​more than 5000 square meters is required.

What is Land?

Land, unlike fields, is the name given to areas that cannot be used for agriculture or zoning. Lands can cover an empty area as well as areas such as mountains, forests, streams, and hills. In this context, houses cannot be built on the lands. Because of reasons such as inconvenience, the right to develop the lands is not granted.

The most important thing to know about lands is that each plot is considered a land. However, it is not possible to say that every land has the characteristics of a plot. Depending on the location of the land and what it is covered with, the land can be converted into land and a zoning certificate can be obtained.

What is the plot?
One of the most curious subjects of individuals who do research on the difference between field, land and land is about what the land is. Land is a more comprehensive piece of land than land and field. In other words, the lands are parceled out by the municipalities and are suitable for housing construction but not suitable for agricultural movements.

The plots differ according to their location. In this context, some lands cannot be housed and agricultural permits are not given. This situation completely varies depending on the location of the land and whether there is a development right or not.

What is the Difference between Field, Land and Plot?

You can check the list below to have information about the difference between field, land and land.

  • While the fields are the whole of the land used for agricultural purposes, the lands are suitable for housing.
  • Lands are pieces of land that can be converted into plots depending on the situation.
  • Although some of the lands cannot be used for agriculture, all of the fields are suitable for agriculture.
  • The plots are parceled out by the municipality, but the plots are indicated by signs according to their status.


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