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Identifying the right person for the job provides a great competitive advantage. A suitable employee means an individual with higher performance, more satisfaction, more commitment to the institution, and a lower level of stress. In addition, according to researches, institutions that evaluate their employees with psychometric measurement tools during and after recruitment are institutions with higher profitability and efficiency levels.




VATFORCES constructs all functions of human resources management by considering the targets of the companies. In order to develop and maintain these systems, which were established by professional human resources consultants, the necessary infrastructure works are carried out and the systems are implemented.






- Facilitate and accelerate the functions of the Human Resources department,


- Increases the quality of working life,


- Provides standardization,


- Detection and elimination of gray areas between employees,


- Creates clear job descriptions of employees,


- Creates the organization level of the company and provides feedback every 6 months,


- Determines individual / department-based training needs and budgets,


- Provides the assignment of mentors to the departments,


- Determines the staff of the departments according to the current structure of the entire company,


- It enables the measurement of the rate of employee change,


- Examining and evaluating the current situation & detecting improvements,


- Positions the human resources correctly within the organization,


- Conducting and evaluating in-house surveys,


- Provides performance increase,


- Increases corporate image and prestige,


- To identify and develop employee competencies effectively,


aims to contribute positively and constructively to companies.





1 - Business Analysis and Evaluation


The purpose of the task and its place in the organizational structure, its main responsibilities, dimensions, internal and external links, chain of relations and the VATFORCES determine the level of knowledge and skill required to achieve an acceptable performance level of the task.


Workforce planning:

- Business Analysis

- Competency Performance

- Current Employee Analysis

2- Performance Management System


In performance evaluations;

- Goal based performance management system

- Competency based performance management system

- 360 degree feedback system is implemented.


The performance management system is established in a way that aims not only to measure past performance, but also to determine the potential of the individual, to create a development plan and to ensure its development.


3 – Remuneration and Wage Management


It is necessary to determine a balanced wage policy within the company, competitive outside the company and motivating the employees. By establishing the "Remuneration System", VATFORCES ensures that both periodic and performance increases are realized with standard applications.


4- Selection and Placement System


Choosing the right people with the right methods and finding the candidates who can contribute the most to the organization directly affects the productivity of the employees and their loyalty to the organization. VATFORCES ensures the preparation of the staff plan, the establishment of the organizational structure, the preparation of job descriptions, the determination of the candidate research and evaluation methods to be used in the selection and placement process, and the clarification of the selection tools.


5 - Career Management & Organizational Backup


It is associated with the career management, performance and training management system, to attract successful employees to the institution, to ensure the permanence of successful employees in the institution, to prepare successful employees for the future of the institution, to implement manager development programs.


6 – Training Management System


It is to determine the trainings that the personnel should receive from the day they start the job, to associate the title - training, to determine the compulsory and optional trainings for the institution, to associate the trainings with the performance and career management systems, to determine and train the trainers and to establish all the systems needed.


7- Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey


It includes the application of the "Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire", which is designed in accordance with the company and company culture, to the employees, sharing it with the corporate managers by making analysis and interpretations, and then designing a road map / improvement studies together with the corporate managers.




The advantages of research on employee satisfaction and loyalty to the institution;


- Identifies the strengths and areas of improvement of the institution,


- Determines the motivation levels of the employees,


- Measures the level of commitment and satisfaction of employees to the institution,


- Ensures that the needs of the employees are determined,


- Contributes to the determination of the development needs of the employees,


- Identifies improvement opportunities,


- Measures the effectiveness of human resources practices.



VATFORCES Human Resources




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