Registration of business in Turkey

Registration of business in Turkey

18 Nisan 2020, 20:58
Registration of business in Turkey
  • We support foreign companies in establishing branches and representative offices in Turkey, particularly at the stage of contacts with the relevant administrative offices and courts (e.g. the National Court Register, statistical office and tax office).
  • We establish new companies from the ground up and also sell shares in existing shelf companies ready to begin operations immediately.


Nominee directors


Under the applicable regulations, every Turkish company must have a management board and at least one of the members must be present in Turkey to carry out formalities for the company.

We offer assistance in appointing a nominee director—a highly qualified person with extensive corporate experience.

In carrying out his functions, the nominee director does not influence the company’s strategic decisions, but only serves as a representative. The nominee director’s scope of authority can be precisely defined by the client; for example, he may be authorized to sign only selected documents or make payments only up to set limits.

This service ensures owners of firms complete discretion while maintaining full control over the company’s affairs

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